Why Be On TrAC?

Here at TrAC, we are an African Internet and solutions provider with a difference.

Your current Internet provider, like most Internet providers, sell their internet to everyone – home consumers, schools, mobile data, businesses and so forth. To make this profitable they sell more Internet bandwidth than they have – this is called contention. Have you ever noticed how some days your Internet feels great and goes fast but then other days it slows down and becomes frustrating or even impossible to do business with? That is because you are not always getting what you pay for. Sometimes, all those other customers are actually using YOUR internet!

Unlike your current Internet provider, here at TrAC we do NOT contend our network. This means that you are always getting what you pay for. We do not share your internet (or private network) with anyone else. Yes, we sometimes appear a little more expensive than those other Internet providers but that is because you are getting so much more for your money when you are on TrAC.

Our Offerings

Getting on TrAC means getting onto one of the fastest, most agile, and most protected networks in Africa. We provide secure, premium-grade, services by designing our networks as fully protected rings with multiple and redundant internet feeds. We then add 24/7 support via our Network Operations Centre located in the very heart of Africa. Finally, with constant traffic monitoring, we ensure that your zero-contention services never congest or slow down.


Premium Internet services to your home or single office.

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Internet and true private network services for multiple site businesses.

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Cloud and tier 3 data centre hosting services for every size business.

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Our Network

Being on TrAC means being on the most resilient trans-African network available. Every aspect of the TrAC network is designed with protection in mind. Internet enters our network from three different providers across three different geographies.

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