ISP & Telco

Getting on TrAC means getting onto one of the fastest, most agile, and most protected networks in Africa.  Because of this, our biggest customers are multinational carriers and large national ISPs. But we also carry mid-size, small, and even up and coming local and regional ISPs.

These wholesale customers all sell the TrAC hosting services, networks, and Internet under their own brand and licenses.  And with TrAC’s 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) located in the heart of Africa, response times are fast and outages extremely rare.

Start Up ISP’s

At TransAfrica Communications we are proud to have helped many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) get started in Africa by becoming a My ISP TrAC partner.

For any entrepreneur with access to an internet license, we have everything else that they will need to connect their customers to our white-label business-grad internet services