Internet in Rwanda

Many businesses today cannot survive without a proper internet connection, therefore they will be hesitant to expand and grow into new countries if the basic infrastructure is not available. Here we are not referring to mobile and broadband internet services, but rather to dedicated internet services. This is the type of internet quality businesses in the financial, medical, legal fraternities, manufacturing, technology, hospitality, retail, transportation, and logistical sectors might need. 

Rwanda is a small land locked country in Africa with a population of 13.2 million people and a gross domestic product (GDP) of $11 Billion, which increased by a staggering 461% since 2002 (The World Bank Group, 2021). This means that the country is not only growing in many different sectors, but the ease of doing business has increased as well, as shown by the detail below.

Rwanda has plans to become the hub for information and communication technology (ICT) and is driving policy to improve the ease of doing business for companies just like yours. The ICT sector is showing consistent growth and the latest result is 13% growth in 2021/2022 (National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, 2021). 

As we know competition is good for the market and ultimately the end users. Even though there are a few multinational companies (MNC) who can provide dedicated internet, Rwanda also boasts with a locally owned business called TransAfrica Communication who specialises in providing dedicated internet, true private networks, cloud, and hosting services. 

So, whether you have a running business or thinking of opening a new business in Rwanda, they are ready to provide good quality dedicated internet across the country.


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