B.Connected with TrAC.

When it comes to connecting two or more sites securely (or even just individually to the Internet) then there are a lot of ways to design these solutions. Some are sweet, fast and secure while others… not so much.

Here at TrAC we know that you want to B.Connected in the most secure, efficient and transparent way. Members of our team have been designing MPLS, VPN and true private networks for over 20 years. Yes, that really is since the 1990s. With over 2 decades of experience, we know what works the best – at the best price – when you need to B.Connected.


The My.network service is extremely secure and efficient. Built on MPLS VPN, hosted by us and managed by us, the My.network service is the heart of your true private network. It is fully redundant, which gives your organization the best possible uptime at the best possible price.


The My.firewall service is hosted by us, managed by us and allows your optional My.internet service to be injected directly into the heart of your true private network. This means that each of your sites have the fastest and most secure route to the Internet – and to every other site in My.network.


At TrAC, our internet is fast, secure, protected and uncontended.  Internet enters our network from three different providers across three different geographies. And our internal network consists of multiple rings with redundancy at every point of presence so a single fibre cut, or network fault will not affect any of your sites access to the internet.

Your My.internet is injected into your B.Secure private network at the very heart of My.network ensuring the shortest possible route to every site in your organizations.

If you choose to connect your private network to My.internet then you will require My.firewall to ensure that your entire My.network is fully secure.


The My.fibre services are the physical fibre connections that link your sites to My.network.


The My.link services are the physical non-fibre connections that link your sites to My.network.


My.gate is the physical equipment that we locate at each of your sites to securely separate your internal local area network from your wide-area private My.network.  

This might be simply a small router connecting directly to your My.fibre service.  Or it could be a parcel of equipment consisting of routers, access points, fibre termination boxes, antennas, and media convertors. 

This My.gate equipment is owned by us, managed by us and constantly updated by us so you can be assured of having the most secure and reliable connections across your entire organisation.


Many of our My.gate solutions come with built in wifi so you can connect seamlessly to the internet from any device that is in close proximity to your My.gate router.  In addition to this, all of our My.gate solutions come with ethernet ports so you can connect your My.gate to your existing internal local area network. And there is no additional cost for either of these internal connection models.

But sometimes you need to extend your internal network and that is where My.wifi is a great solution. One or more My.wifi devices can extend your internal network throughout your office or even across multiple buildings in the same campus.  After doing a site-survey we will design a no-obligation solution to meet your access requirements. If you decide to go ahead with the recommendation then the My.wifi solution can be purchased up front (including installation) or leased and included in your standard monthly invoice. Either way we will configure your My.wifi to work seamlessly and optimally with your My.gate My.network and optional My.firewall and My.internet services.


At TrAC, your My.cloud services can be public facing on the Internet or located securely within your My.network with no ability for anyone on the Internet to access them. For full details on the My.cloud service click here.


At TrAC, your My.hosting services can be public facing on the Internet or located securely within your My.network with no ability for anyone on the Internet to access them. My.hosting can be per rack unit (RU), rack or even a cage of secure racks. For full details on the My.hosting options click here.